Flexibility and quality in various industrial plants,
automation and Panel Construction

Our areas of expertise

ELEKTRO-TECH VVV is an installation company for industrial electricity and offers a concrete solution to all your company's electrical questions:



Together with the customer we look for the best, simplest and most
economical solution
to the question, taking into account numerous factors. For the design of the electrical scheme we use Eplan. After a correct price estimate and agreement with the customer, the plans can be realized.


Panel Construction

We zijn thuis in alle types laagspanningsborden, en dit in tal van toepassingen. Een greep uit het aanbod: energieverdeling < 1600 A, stuurinrichtingen voor machines en processen, ALSB-borden en elektro-pneumatische inrichtingen, …



You can come to us for a diverse range of installations: environmental engineering projects, electrical cabling, channeling, electrical equipment, ALSB signs, capacitor batteries, ...

Electro-Tech VVV stands for


Thanks to our SME structure, we have short lines of communication and work in flexible project teams. This allows us to act quickly and respond quickly at all times. This translates into excellent customer service.


Our ultimate goal is to master our profession as no other can. To this end, Elektro-Tech VVV is constantly investing in extensive employee training and optimizing our quality control. Moreover, we always work with quality materials. 

Even after the completion of a project, we provide the necessary follow-up and service. So you can be sure of a well-maintained and performing installation.


Say what you do and do what you say: Elektro-Tech VVV stands for a transparent and clear no-nonsense style with a doer's mentality. Choosing Elektro-Tech VVV is choosing a goal-oriented approach and a partner who takes care of the customer from A to Z.


At Elektro-Tech VVV, people take center stage. Colleagues, customers and suppliers: everyone is important in the success of our company! We value open dialogue through an approachable style. Mutual respect creates the best partnerships.

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Flexibility and quality in the field of industrial electricity

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