Project approach

A project starts with the client's question, which is then practically and concretely dissected by us.

Together with the customer we look for the best, simplest and most
economical solution
to the question.

This of course takes into account:

After working out the solution, a correct price estimate follows, which is executed after consultation and agreement with the customer.


The first step is usually the design of the electrical schematic. For this, EPLAN is our standard.

After the customer reviews the electrical schematic, sign construction can begin.

Construction of distribution boxes, control boards, power boards, control consoles and the like is done in our own workshop with skilled employees and according to CE standards.

After extensive testing of the board in our workshop, installation on site can begin. After installing the channeling and cabling, the connection of all electrical components follows.

The project is carefully finished and tested, taking into account all agreements and paying attention to safety and execution dates. Finally, the project is delivered with an "as built" schedule.

Flexibility and quality in the field of industrial electricity

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